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Foz do Iguacu

Parque Nacional do Iquacu

The most spectacular sightseeing of the park is the Iguacu Falls, which form a 2.700m wide semi-circle, while the waterfalls filled visitors with awe as they watch the water foam that plunges down from a height of 72m.
The number of waterfalls ranges from 150 and 300 depending on the Iguacu river flow.
On the Brazilian side, two panoramic elevators are being built and will link the waterfalls to upper level of the river.
There are also catwalks, which are paths built on the basalt slope with several belvederes to enable tourists to admire and photograph the large waterfalls.


There is world to be discovered inside the Iguacú National Park.
Its fauna is spectacular and reveals the wealth of natural species, some of which are discovered every day.
As to the biological diversity, 257 new species of butterflies, 18 species of fish, 12 of amphibians, 41 of snakes, 8 of lizards, 3 of chelonians, 348 of birds and 45 of mammals have been identified so far.

Brasilian night

In Foz do Iquacu, at the Rafasin you can visited a Brasilina night perfomance, with dances, music and a verry good eating buffet.

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