Mongolia is not the main destination for animal watching
Though there are some good opportunities in the North and Western part
I did get some nice picture's of Birds, Butterflies and Flowers


Mongolia encompasses a diverse range of habitats including forests, mountains, vast plains and of course the Gobi Desert.
The avifauna of Mongolia includes a total of 487 species, of which 4 are rare or accidental.


The abundance of the Mongolian butterfly fauna is conditioned by the natural landscape diversity, here the fauna of Central Asian desert is linked with southern foothills and montane fauna of the great mountain systems of Central Asia: Altai, Hangayn, Hentiyn and Hingan.
The known Mongolian butterfly fauna comprises 253 species.
I will also show some pictures of the moths.
But can't find information about them;


I can't find any information about the flowers of Mongolia.
But i did get some picture's
If anyone knows some of the name's; please tell me