I have visited Uganda in july 2009

These are the places i have been in Uganda

Ngamba Island
Sipi Falls
Murchison Falls
Fort Portal
Kibale Forest
Queen Elizabeth National Park
Lake Bunyoni

Please let me know when you're having questions.
i would be pleased to help you.

Things to do and other tips
This illustrate's my memories of Uganda
It's the beautiful Lake Bunyoni.

See my "Things to do " pages for more pictures.

When i'am visiting a country i like to be prepared;
So i know something about the Country and i can plan the things to visit.
That's why i 'm reading books;looking at travel maps etc.

See my "Things to read" pages for Books/Maps about Uganda

Special items
Though; thinking of wildlife-watching in East Africa; Uganda is probably not the place most people go.
But it's worth to consider, as Uganda is a transitional point between the East African savanna, the West African rainforest and the semi-desert of the North.
So making it a place with lots of varieties.

See my "Special Items" for more picture's
of Birds/Butterfly and Mammals