I have visited Moscow in july 1994.

My first visit to Siberia was in july 2008

These are the places i have seen on that trip

Lake Baikal
Trans Siberian Railway
Altai mountains

My second visit to the Altai-mountains was in july 2010

These are the places i have seen in the Altai-mountains

Lake Teletskoye
Chuysky Trakt
Chuyskaya Steppe

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Things to do and other tips
This illustrate's my memories of Russia
A sunset at the Lake Baikal

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"Russia (European part)"

When i'am visiting a country i like to be prepared;
So i know something about the Country and i can plan the things to visit.
That's why i 'm reading books;looking at travel maps etc.

See my "Things to read" pages for Books/Maps about Russia